Friday, October 8, 2010

Young At Heart

I've always considered myself young at heart. I buy Barbie dolls. I build doll houses. I play games with children. I read children's picture books. I use my stepdaughter as an excuse to see all the new kids' movies. I adore Spongebob Squarepants. I was married in Disney World with Mickey and Minnie as our special guests. I epitomize what it means to be young at heart.

So, it was only logical that I would proclaim my intent to write stories for children. This proclamation reminded me of my very first children's book, written when I was a 13-year old junior high student. 

To fulfill an 8th grade creative writing requirement, I selected the creation of a book-- a picture book. My story was written in rhyme and illustrated by my classmate and friend, Ronald Woodard. I designed the cover and hand bound the book with laminated pages, staples, glue, and wallpaper scraps. Upon completion, I promoted my book to my audience of one--my teacher. At the tender age of 13, I was self-published and introduced to the world the story of Little Lisa.

Fast forward 30 years and my talents and dreams are coming full circle. I am reviving my creative writing. My imagination is stirred. My confidence growing. 30 years ago, a young girl felt no fear and wrote from her experiences and her heart. It has taken three decades for that young girl to reconnect with her adult self. My writing and I have come full circle. Why should I fear failure when I've already accomplished my goal?

Do you remember your first work of art? How old were you? Does the person that you were then compliment who you've become? Can the two work together for a better result? Are you young at heart?

All relevant questions with fascinating answers. I hope you'll share!

Always, Athena

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