Friday, October 1, 2010

Greta Garbo & Me

There's something mysteriously special about a fountain pen. The exquisite nib, delicately sculpted to resemble a work of fine art. Externally it's smooth; internally, a bit temperamental. If you write with a fountain pen, then you know that you are actually in a relationship with your writing instrument...selecting the width of your nib, perfecting your unique writing position, choosing ink colors, filling and refilling, cleaning and polishing. It is all very romantic and fulfilling.

My favorite writing instrument is the Mont Blanc special edition Greta Garbo Writing Instrument. It "authentically reflects the remarkable style and glamour of a woman who set her own standards to become a legend, not only in her own time but for many generations to follow. This Edition is also dedicated to the women of today who, in the Garbo tradition, believe in the fulfillment of their own visions." Wow! Those are high expectations for a pen!

My Greta Garbo fountain pen was a gift from my husband, and therefore carries sentimentality along with its ink. It is described as a "Barrel made of black precious resin, cap made of cream coloured precious resin. Clip set with one white, round Akoya pearl. Platinum-plated fittings. Cap ring embellished with the 'Greta Garbo' signature."

Its outward beauty is second only to its writing perfection. When I put pen to paper with my Greta Garbo, my words are smooth and sensual. Each letter is gloriously pronounced, causing me to search my vocabulary for the most exotic phrases worthy of such an intoxicating experience.

The dramatic art of writing -- not typing or word processing, but actual writing -- is becoming a relic amongst our affair with technology. I admit to writing on my laptop; it's quick and efficient. But my best work is captured in my journals and notebooks when I lay glorious pen to paper. 

I love the art of writing. And thanks to my husband, I have an instrument that speaks and writes volumes about the woman that I am--full of spirit with a restless energy to pursue my personal happiness. I found an unlikely kindred spirit in Greta Garbo:  a woman of humble birth who became the ultimate fashion and trend icon, a symbol for all those who challenge normal expectations in search for better ones. She believed in women fulfilling their visions; I believe and am attempting the same. High expectations for me and my pen!

Always, Athena

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  1. OK, so this is my second time trying to comment on this entry.
    I am happy to follow you on this journey. I hope that you will submit your work to the Hurston Wright Foundation. Their Legacy Awards are coming up next month. It will be wonderful to see you so honored one of these days.
    Your comments about the fountain pen were lyrical! You are such a good writer. Always were. Your mom use to talk about it. (so did MY mom!) Now you have been blessed with a partner who understands this and supports it to such a degree that he would present you with a magical tool! Now that you have channeled Ms. Garbo who knows what wonders will ensue. I often use a fountain pen in my everyday life. Not anything like the Garbo Mont Blanc....just a solid something in royal blue!! Some folks raise their eyebrows at it. It's a bit old fashioned, but that's part of the charm. And it does give one control over the thoughts as you put them to paper just as driving with a stick shift gives me more control where the rubber meets the road. (so to speak!) I can just imagine you wrapped in fleece, sipping tea, journaling or composing with your Garbo Pen. If it feels like your hand and thoughts are being led.....they are.
    Blessings on this endeavor! I'm happy to be along for the ride.
    Good night!